About Us - How TNTvans got started?

One weekend I was headed out to go camping in Johnson Valley, CA. After towing my 30' toy hauler down Boone Rd., I stopped and climbed into my trailer. I was surprised to find that all but one of my cabinet doors had fallen off.

I couldn't screw the doors back into place because the cabinet fascia was destroyed. So I installed clear bins on the shelving and ran a net across the opening to hold them in. After a few more trips I found that I loved my new door-less cabinets. Not only did I lose weight, I could see everything immediately!

Over the next few years, I built a few vans. I installed clear bins on shelving as I like to find my gear quickly. In a moving, bouncing, and twisting vehicle, I fabricated a strong metal framework free from any structural components that rely on wooden joinery.

I love fabricating things from off-road truck chassis' to wooden tool boxes. I never dreamed of turning a hobby into a business until COVID shut down the company I was working for and I lost my job.

After a few months of digging for a new job, I started making things and selling them to help pay the bills. With the help of my family we ended up starting TNTvans and set out to make an affordable solution to camper van interiors.

We run everything right here in Utah and designed TNTvans products for our own van goals:

  • Install in one day, go camping this weekend
  • Strong Metal Framing
  • No wiring or plumbing
  • No cabinet doors.
  • No unnecessary weight
  • No wood joinery or screws
  • Uninstall everything in 15 minutes
  • No heavy wood

All of TNTvans designs come from decades of experience camping and off-roading. I use all my own products in my van. Here is a picture of when I took my cousins out to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The one-way trip out takes 3 hours on a tiring rocky torn up dirt road. I make sure all of my interior can handle the abuse I put it through.

Feel free to send me a message any time and I will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your time.


written by - Hobe Smith

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