Van Wheel Well Shelving - Camper Van DIY Conversion

Van Wheel Well Shelving - Camper Van DIY Conversion

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About This Item:
The TNTvans Camper Van Shelving is a four foot wide storage unit that fits over and around all van wheel wells. It makes smart use of space for storing items such as folding chairs, tables, shoes, and blankets. With up to two rows of shelving on your next overlanding trip, you will be sure to have plenty of room for all your gear.

On the shelves sit optional clear bins pressed firmly between a back panel and shock cord creating a snug ride. These bins transform shelving into clear cabinets and still retain all the benefits of shelving. To buy Bins & Lighting, see our accessories menu.

This is link to the PUMA duffel bag that fits perfectly on the shelving.

When I go camping I use my table both inside and outside of my camper van. This folding table stows perfectly in the TNTvans Wheel Well Shelving.

Product Details:
Dimensions 47.5"W x 13"D x 39.5"H
Weight 43 lbs.
Assembly Time: 2 Hour
Van Install Time: 35 Minutes

      Any Questions?

      We would love answer you questions. Please use the "Contact Us" page to email us and we will get back to you shortly.

      Assembly and Van Installation

      Each TNTvans unit comes with easy to follow instructions. They have large pictures for step and are easy to follow. Once the units are assembled, they need to be installed inside the van. Each kit has floor installation with step by step instructions with color clear pictures and video tips.

      TNTvans General Information

      TNTvans units are engineered with the smallest but strongest materials to get the job done right. We don't want to build our vans with thick material that waist limited van space.

      TNTvans shelving units are designed to store large quantities of gear but still leave space in the middle of your van for hauling large items like kayaks and mountain bikes.

      All TNTvans products are made in St. George, UT. The Camper Van Conversion Kit, Van Bed Kit, and Van Kitchen Sink System are DIY modular kits designed to assemble with ease.

      TNTvans interior solutions fit inside all vans: Mercedes Sprinter Van, Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, Nissan NV, Ford Econoline, Dodge Ram Van

      Material Information

      • The cabinet grade Birch plywood features a clear, thick semi-gloss epoxy acrylate finish and a four coat ultra violet coating for extra durability. SEFA 8.0 certified
      • Cushions are made in the USA with Sunbrella water resistant fabric.
      • Framework is composed of high quality 6063 Aluminum.
      • Light units are uniquely manufactured to TNTvans specifications.
      • Bins are made in the USA of clear shatterproof BPA+Chlorine free plastic. They are food and freezer safe.

      Local Installation

      If you do not want to install your TNTvans kit, for your convenience and peace of mind, we will install your TNTvans kit here in St. George, UT. Simply add Local Installation to your shopping when checking out. We also offer a VIP "In Your Driveway" installation service. Inquire for scheduling dates.

      Shipping & Returns

      All products are designed to be flat packed in a box and shipped by UPS. Free Shipping to the contiguous United States!

      Before canceling or returning an order, read the TNTvans return policies.

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      • Quick Installation and Removal

        Thanks to our Proprietary Connection System, you can quickly assemble our products. Installation or removal is just as fast.

      • Chevy Express Camper Conversion Kit DIY Shelving by TNTvans

        Engineered to Go Off-Road

        A van body will twist over bumps and turns loosening screws and wooden joints. TNTvans’ framework is all metal with bolts that can’t come loose.

      • Ram ProMaster 159 Camper Van Conversion Kit 2 - TNTvans

        Lightest Interior

        An average TNTvans system is under 200 lbs.

      • Van Conversion Kit DIY Bed Van Kitchen Sink Ice Chest Cooler Slide and Bench

        Modular Attachment

        All TNTvans modular products are designed to be attached to each other in any configuration.

      • Mercedes Sprinter 144 Cargo Van Camper Van Conversion DIY Shelving Bed Kit

        Quick Visible Storage

        See and access your gear immediately.

      • Mercedes Sprinter 170 Van Kitchen Sink System Water Pump Fresh Grey Water Tanks

        Floor Installation Kit

        At home installation is a breeze with the supplied hardware that comes with each kit.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does TNTvans mount inside your van?

      The TNTvans product is engineered with many mounting locations to give the user the needed flexibility to work with and around the their van floors and walls. Each unit comes with all the hardware the customer needs to mount the units into the van. The install kit comes with your choice of plus nuts, or wood inserts. These are anchors that will create a place to insert a bolt. Plus nuts are for the metal floor in your van. Wood inserts are for a wood floor. Once these anchors are installed, the TNTvans units will bolt into place in just a few minutes. Demonstration video of Wood Inserts and Plut Nuts being installed.

      If desired, the customer may also run a bolt through the supplied hardware kit and floor instead of using an anchor. Our accessories menu has install kits if you want more or if want to change your installation style later down the road.

      Can I install my van conversion interior before I install the van inuslation and walls?

      Yes! TNTvans camper van conversion kits are products that bolt to the floor. Therefore, you can easily install your units now and then come back later to install all of the insulations, windows and van wall liners.

      How does the TNTvans interior remove?

      Most customers install anchors into their floors. Each unit can be unbolted from these anchors in just a few minutes.

      Is installation available?

      Yes! We have an authorized TNTvans dealer right here in St. George, Utah. I also offer a Premium "At Your Home" Remote Installation Service. You can purchase these services on the Installation Web Page. Inquire for scheduling.

      Do I need professional help to install TNTvans into my van?

      No. Every piece comes with step by step instructions with large colorful pictures. And if there is any question about the assembly or install, I am available by email, phone, and facetime to help.

      How do I receive my van conversion kit?

      Every product I make packs down into a reasonable sized box and will be delivered by UPS. There will be no heavy palleted crates sent to you.

      What is the weight capacity of the bed system?

      The Bed System was designed to hold multiple adults. The system was originally tested with a family of 4. We then put 600 lbs. of dead weight in the center of two Bed Bridges just to show off how strong it is.

      How long does it take to assemble my kit?

      Most units assemble in just under an hour but the Sink System is the most complicated and could take up to 1.5 hours.

      Can I build my van in one day?

      Yes. Once the anchors are installed, you can bolt and unbolt your units quickly. Here is a blog about how I quickly insulated and walled my Sprinter van.

      What tools do I need?

      For assembly: 2mm hex key, 3 mm hex key, 8mm socket
      For van install: 6mm hex key, 3/8" drill bit, drill

      What makes TNTvans units and system so strong and stiff?

      AllTNTvans units are framed with thick aluminum material and redundant bracing. There are no screws or wood used in any structural joints. All units are are engineered to be bolted to each other to add extra rigidity to the entire interior system.

      Can I change the placement of the units in my van if I change my mind later?

      Yes! You can easily install more anchors anywhere else in your van and bolt down aTNTvans product. If you want to change your anchors types, you can do that as well. I can mail you additional floor installation kits anytime.

      What if I sell my van, can I take the TNTvans interior out and put it in another van?

      Yes! Everything can un-bolted quickly and re-installed in another van that same day.

      How long does it take to install the kit into my van?

      It takes about 2 hours to install the anchors for an entire van conversion kit. Once the anchors are installed, you can bolt in your entire kit in less than an hour.

      Do you make cushions?

      I use to order all my cushions. They are USA made and a great company to work with. You can order a cushion through my website or just go straight to them and design your own cushion.

      Where is your demo van?

      I have a demo van available to see anytime in St. George, Utah.

      Can I buy individual pieces from each kit?

      Yes. Every piece from a camper conversion kit can be bought individually from the products menu.

      How heavy are the interior pieces?

      Most units are between 15 and 40 lbs. with the heaviest being the 51" tall Super Shelving. Most camping conversion kits are under 200 lbs.