Converting a Sprinter 144 4x4 to an RV Camper Van in One Day!

Another Great Camper Van Build in One Day!

I usually ship all my TNTvans camper van conversion products out to people and they assemble and install them into their own vans. Every so often, I have some customers that ask me to install the kit for them. I really like doing this as it gives me a chance to meet people face to face and talk about van stuff.

Last month, I had a customer who drove out from the east coast to have me install a Mercedes Sprinter 144 Camper Van RV Conversion kit. The TNTvans camper conversion kit comes with shelving storage, bed, kitchen counter, ice chest slide, and fully self-contained sink system.

I assembled all the pieces before he arrived.

The TNTvans Sprinter Van Bed System comes in different heights. He chose the 40" high option. This will give him 2 rows of shelving as well as lower storage over the wheel well. I design all my units to be as efficient as possible. Every inch in a van matters so I use the smallest but strongest materials to get the job done right.

I installed motion detected lighting on his shelves as well. It is nice to climb in the van at dusk and have your shelves light up so you can immediately see what it is you are looking for.

Camper van shelving sprinter 144 4x4

The Sprinter Van Bed System is 6' long so he has plenty of space for him and some guests.

The Camper Van Ice Chest Cooler Slide will hold his 12v cooler. They are heavy and it's nice to have them on a slide to get access to them easily. I designed this unit so it would not sit on the floor and leave a perfect place to store things like shoes underneath it.

Sprinter Van Kitchen DIY Sink Camper Conversion Kit

This DIY Camper Van Conversion Sink System is a self-contained van sink solution that is ready to use immediately. It needs no outside plumbing or 12v wiring. It comes with two, five gallon water tanks. One is for fresh water and one is for grey water. The manual foot pump is about as simple as you can get. Just press your foot down and the water will come pouring out into the sink. Refreshing the tanks is easy as they are light weight and small making it a breeze to pick up and rinse out.

I added some handles in the front and rear to make it easy for him to climb in and out of his tall Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 van.

This Camper Van RV Conversion kit is so easy to install. You just set your anchors into your floor and then bolt the pieces down.

Video: Installing the TNTvans Sink System

The units also bolt to each other making the entire system extremely rigid.

After a few hours I was done. In one day he had his van ready to go camping and he was off on another adventure in his TNTvans Mercedes Sprinter 144.

Camper Van Conversion Just Got Easy!

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