New DIY Bed Kit | Ford Transit Passenger Van w/ Rear Air Conditioner

TNTVans is thrilled to announce the latest in camper van conversions: the DIY Bed Kit designed specifically for Ford Transit passenger vans with rear air conditioners. We're proud to finally introduce a solution to the Ford Transit passenger van owners.

ford transit rear air conditioner diy bed kit for van life camper van conversion

With the rising popularity of camper van living, and using passenger vans instead of cargo vans, we recognized the challenge many face when trying to build around the rear air conditioner of their Ford Transit passenger vans. I engineered a strong solution that not only maximizes space but also ensures optimal airflow.

ford transit passenger van rear air conditioner for camper van conversion for van life

If you have a Ford Transit with a rear air conditioner module behind the driver's side wheel well, our camper van conversion kit promises to make the build around it easy. Join the growing community of Ford Transit overlanders who are turning their vans into cozy homes on wheels with TNTVans.

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