Sprinter Van Front Fender Rub? How-to Big Tires!

Sometimes larger than stock tires need a little help clearing the fender or they might rub. In this case, I have a 2022 four-wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter cargo van that I just converted into my camper van. I installed method wheels and Toyo tires: 275/70/17. This is about 32 inches and is considered to be the biggest tire you can install without a lift.

mercedes sprinter van front tire and wheel

However, they do rub in the front fender. I am going to show you how to modify those fenders for FREE! to fit 32 inch off-road tires. 

mercedes sprinter van with method wheels and toyo 32 inch tires

You can see there's not much space there. So what we're going to do is take the stock mud flap off, cut the fender, and then bolt the stock mud flap back up and have enough clearance that it won't rub.


We've turned the front driver wheel all the way to the driver's side so we can work on this area. Grab a bungee cord to pull the stock plastic back.

Remove this clip.

mercedes sprinter van front fender

Put a piece of blue tape for our cut line. Make the cut with a cut off wheel on a 4.5" grinder.

mercedes sprinter van front cut off fender clearance with grinder

mercedes sprinter van after cut on front fender

Now we just need to bolt the mud flap back into place. Use the stock holes to re-mount the mud flap.

The next step is to put a self-tapper on the bottom through the mud flap back into the front fender from underneath.

All done!

mercedes sprinter van front fender is cleared for 32 inch toyo tires


Go for a test drive and flex it out on every bump.

Different tires all have different profiles so your experience may vary.

If you need to go to 33s or 35s, you're going to have to do a lot more cutting than this.

This is a total DIY easy free mod that you can do to help clear those 32's.

Good luck!

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