Enclosed Cargo Trailer Ladder Lift Rack | Drop Down Ladder Rack

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Ladder Lift Rack | Drop Down Ladder Rack

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Enclosed Cargo Trailer Ladder Lift Rack is the only hydraulic drop down ladder rack for cargo trailers. Ladder Lift Rack slides off the back of your cargo trailer so you can easily load up to three ladders. 

There are two options of Ladder Lift Rack for enclosed cargo trailers. The "Double" carries 2 ladders by stacking. The "Triple" carries 3 ladders with two of them side by side and the third can stack in the center.

Stand the ladder up vertically and lean it against Ladder Lift Rack for easy loading

drop down ladder rack loading the van

The downward tilting action is assisted with multiple struts making it easy to handle the weight of your ladders.

Product Details:

  • Universal through bolt roof mounts
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum components
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Hydraulically assisted
  • Descent & ascent duration is less than 30 seconds
  • Ergonomically safe vertical loading and unloading
  • Sliding chassis locks into closed position
  • Compatible with all sizes of ladders
  • Made by Gentili in Italy

This Enclosed Cargo Trailer Drop Down Ladder Rack Comes With:

  1. Ladder Lift Rack Drop Down Chassis
  2. The Triple come with 2 Cross Bars & Four Sliding L-Stops
  3. Ladder Mounts
  4. Ladder Straps
  5. Lift Rack Pole

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Fitment:
Our high quality bolt through universal mounts makes the install process easy. Once you mount the six feet into location on your trailer, you can simply bolt the Ladder Lift Rack onto the feet.

Disclaimer: it is the customer's responsibility to make sure the roof of their enclosed trailer is strong enough to support Ladder Lift Rack. We suggest adding material to the roof to spread the load and mounting the feet near the side of the trailer for extra rigidity.

Weight Capacity:
132 lbs.

Shipping Information:
Orders are processed with in 48 hours and shipped out from 6 to 8 days.

Installation Time:
2 Hours

Warranty Information:
Lift Rack | Drop Down Ladder Rack comes with a 3 year warranty for product defects.

Any Questions?

We would love answer your questions. Please use the "Contact Us" page to email us and we will get back to you shortly.

Gentili History

Gentili has been supporting van users for 40 years, providing our customers with solutions which are both innovative and of the highest quality. Our new roof mounted equipment range is now even more complete than ever, and our offering includes improved
performance and advanced technical design, which means Gentili can deliver products with unparalleled safety records and ease of use for operators. The Gentili product range has gained a reputation for its robustness and quality since its launch over 25 years ago, when the first hydraulic ladder rack for LCVs was designed and launched by Gentili.


The Ladder Lift Rack offers a fully assisted ladder mounting and deploying system, therefore becoming the ideal partner for customers looking to equip their vehicles with a safe and easy to use solution. Due to its design, this drop down ladder rack offers an easy glide, single person operation. All actions are carried out by the operator on the ground at all times. Through 25 years of active use the Ladder Lift Rack is the most advanced and safest system of its type available.


The new version of the Ladder Lift Rack has added features to further improve the safe transport of ladders when the vehicle is moving. The two retainer loops can be moved forwards and backwards independently, to suit different ladder lengths, to keep the ladder in the correct position in relation to the vehicle roof. They are covered with hard wearing rubber, to protect them from the abrasion caused by the ladder rungs. The front and rear bearers have adjustable, impact resistant ABS plastic side retainers, to contain the ladder laterally when the vehicle is moving.

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping to the contiguous United States!

Lift Rack is shipped on a palette fully assembled. Van Roof Rack is shipped in boxes.

Before canceling or returning an order, read the TNTvans return policies.

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