DIY Camper Interiors that Last: Airstream Trailer Rebuild with TNTvans

A few months back, I had a pair of adventurous customers who transformed their Ford Transit van into a cozy mobile home using TNTvans Camper Conversion kit. They didn't stop there; they also revamped their Airstream trailer to complement their on-the-go lifestyle.

The Airstream had undergone a recent makeover with off-the-shelf furniture from IKEA and Home Depot. Unfortunately, the excitement of the open road took a toll on their trailer. Six months into their journey, everything seemed to be unraveling. Screws were loosening, cabinet doors were sagging, and all attachment points were failing.

After investing in TNTvans Van Conversion DIY Bed Kit, Van Overhead Storage, and an Ice Chest Slide, they reached out to me with a newfound appreciation for well-engineered interiors. They could now distinguish between furniture meant for a stationary home and that which can endure the rigors of travel. The solid metal framework and bolted attachment points of TNTvans products stood out to them as they sat amidst their disintegrating trailer.

Impressed by the durability of our products, they commissioned me to replace all the failing components in their Airstream trailer. I custom-built each item to their specifications and shipped them the units. With a DIY spirit, they spent a weekend installing each piece, just as they had done with their van conversion.

airstream tailer DIY interior side

airstream tailer DIY interior front

airstream tailer DIY interior driver's side

TNTvans sink system in Airstream bathroom diy kit

In the end, they were thrilled with the results. TNTvans interior system proved to be sturdy enough to withstand the roughest roads and the Airstream's stiff suspension, making their mobile living experience truly comfortable and worry-free.

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