One-Day Sprinter Van-tastic Adventure with TNTvans: A Tale of Quick Conversions and Desert Delights

At TNTvans in St. George, UT, we recently welcomed two fantastic customers ready for an instant camper van transformation for their Mercedes Sprinter van. Armed with the lightest and easiest-to-install diy camper van conversion kits on the planet, we had their van outfitted in a mere day.

camper van conversion diy bed kit for mercedes sprinter van

Our interior kit, a lightweight marvel, included spacious storage shelving, a cozy 6-foot bed, and a fully-loaded kitchen set. This van kitchen set boasted an ice chest cooler slide, a sleek countertop, and a sink system with self-contained water tanks and a manual water pump – perfect for on-the-go adventurers.

camper van conversion diy bed kit for mercedes sprinter van

In just one day, these eager customers were set to hit the road in their Sprinter van for an impromptu camping escapade. To celebrate, we took them on a thrill ride to the dunes of Sand Hollow State Park in my trusty Polaris RZR Pro XP. We roamed the sandy landscape, soaking in the breathtaking beauty of southern Utah.

As the sun began to dip, we wrapped up the day with a scrumptious lunch of fish tacos at Sand Hollow Resort. The laughter, the adventure, and the joy of a quick TNTvans camper van diy conversion lingered in the air – proof that with TNTvans, every day is a van-tastic day!

sand hollow state park in the polaris rzr pro xp

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