Discovering Whitmore Canyon: TNTvans Sprinter Camper Van 170 4x4 Goes to the Grand Canyon

In the pleasant month of May, our family set out on a thrilling expedition to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, discovering the wonders of Whitmore Canyon with the TNTvans Camper Van Sprinter 170 4x4.

TNTvans Camper Van Road To Whitmore Canyon

To reach Whitmore Canyon from St. George:

Whitmore Canyon

The route is rough. I call it a road. Some call it a trail. I don't know if I was the first driver to take a Sprinter van down to the Whitmore Campsite but I turned quite a few heads from all the Jeep and UTV owners who were taking in the view when I arrived. Most importantly, the resilient TNTvans DIY interior camper conversion kit endured the bumpy ride effortlessly.

About half way out, we stopped by Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse which was used until 1966. The original was unfortunately burned down and a re-creation has been erected.

Mt. Trumbull School House TNTvans Camper Van

Before reaching Whitmore Canyon, we passed by Bar 10 Ranch, a charming spot worth revisiting. Find more about Bar 10 Ranch here: Bar 10 Ranch 

We slept with the rear doors open all night on the TNTvans 40" DIY Van Bed Kit and looked at the starts until we passed out.

TNTvans Camper Van Sprinter Bed DIY Kit Grand Canyon Whitmore Canyon

Friday's sunset just couldn't be beat. I could write all day about it but words cannot describe what I saw and felt from the sky.

Whitmore Canyon Sunset Grand Canyon

If you are looking for the most epic sunrise experience, this is it.

Sunrise at Whitmore Canyon Grand Canyon

On Saturday, we descended 2,000 feet along the hiking trail into the Colorado River, we savored breathtaking sights and encountered fellow adventurers navigating the river by raft. The water was freezing but the temps were so hot I didn't mind.

Whitmore Canyon in the Colorado River boys in the river

All in all I recommend this trip to anyone. The views and the isolation are worth it. There no cell phone signal for hours from Whitmore.

TNTvans camper van at Whitmore Canyon Grand Canyon

Sunday marked our departure; as we packed up and bid adieu, we made a pit stop at Pa's Pocket, a charming spot nestled in Arizona's landscape.

Family Inside Pas Pocket Cabin Bar 10 Ranch

We took one more picture by Whitmore International Airport and headed home.

Bar 10 International Airport

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